Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten more holiday ideas

If you read my post Monday you'll know I used to publish a zine and this list was part of the 2nd. I am going to share 10 ideas a day...

Holiday Ideas (continued) by Megan Noel, 2002, and 2011.

21) Try concocting some odd dish. Pumpkin shortcake? A cheese ball shaped like a snowman? Or have a holiday picnic in the middle of the living room. Roast hotdogs and marshmallows in the fireplace. (Oh, don’t burn the house down.)

22) I mentioned stationary, but really STAMPS. The postage kind I mean. Everyone uses them. You can get fun ones. Yu can even get them from the post office website and not have to stand in line. Someone please give some to my coworker Jeremy who keeps using mine. Anyway It’s a gift you know will be used.

Edit – this is a little dated too! But a lot of people do still use stamps. Cool people who send letters and cards and things

23) For journalers who do not make their own, a handmade journal would be appreciated. Look on Etsy

24) A journal kit would be nice; especially to encourage someone knew to art journaling. I suggest you keep it simple, a glue stick, some gel pens, and a small ruler for measuring or tearing. Then add whatever suits the recipient, a portable watercolor set, some colored pencils, stickers, etc.

25) Personally I would love it if I came home one day and my laundry was done, my dry-cleaning was dropped off, my mending and ironing were done. That would be a real treat. So especially if you are trying to keep things simple this year and get away from all the “stuff”, consider a gift like this for your roommate or partner.

26) Another gift for your partner or roommate if you are trying to simplify, walk the dog. Take out the garbage, do the dishes, whatever chore they hate for a week, or a month, or however long they deserve a break for!

27) For a change of perspective, if you are inclined to be critical, try going a whole day without criticizing anyone or anything. If you are meek, try going a whole day without swallowing your words. Or, if that’s too much, try an hour. I need to do this!

28) Take time for yourself during this stressful time – whatever that means for you… art time, writing time, time to run or do yoga, a trip to the gym or a coffee shop, a hot bath, something just for you. Do this every day. Especially if you have company staying with you.

29) Have a Prairie Home Christmas. Tuna Hotdish, white bread with butter, green bean casserole, and Jell-o Salad. That sounds easier than cooking an enormous turkey.

30) One thing I like to do when I make gifts is to not bother giving hem on time. I mean I always figure anything before Twelfth Night still counted. Someone else pointed out to me that really anything before the end of winter could count. So that gives you a lot of flexibility and your friends and family get something to look forward to … eventually.

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