Monday, April 27, 2015

Edgar Allan Poe: A Mystery and a Dream

And.. I finished it!

Edgar Allan Poe: A Mystery and a Dream
(a snippit from his verse)
9 x 12", pen and ink

There are some bits from a few of poe's stories in here.. what can you spot?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Einstein in Ink

Here is another new work...I am working on a new series of pen and ink portraits. I've also completed one of Lovecraft and am working on one of Edgar Allen Poe....

Albert Einstein
8 x 10", pen and ink

Little World

I am in the process of moving. ok I am in the process of packing. I am not sure anyone over, say, their 20s should ever move. it's painful. at any rate I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff, which is good because I live in a small space and am moving to a smaller one. I am not sure how I fit this much stuff in my current place. I am down to 5 bins of yarn and fabric! ok, 5 and a half. and in spite of getting rid of a lot of books, I still seem to have... a lot.

so I have not had much time for art lately, but I have made some time, I can't not make art. I do miss painting, I've just been drawing. I hope I can start painting again in a couple weeks. I just can't wait for this to be over and things to seem calmer. I am hoping that will happen, anyway.

this is something I've drawn recently. it's white prismacolor colored pencil on black paper. the paper is Strathmore "art again" recycled black paper, which I really like using. the circle is from tracing around a CD, so that gives you an idea of scale...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter & Happy Spring

Happy Easter! Unfortunately I am sick so I am spending it lying around the house. I have so many things I needed to do this weekend but all I managed to do was to drop off some work for the next Push / Pull show and I did my taxes. And I've slept a lot and will try to go to bed early tonight.

You might remember that I grew up on a farm. This time of year makes me think of newborn lambs, in their baggy oversized skins, with grubby little spots of their knees from falling down while they run around. I also remember buying white eggs once a year, because brown eggs don't dye very well. I can also remember having hunts not just for easter eggs but also for the caches that the free-range hens were hiding. (One thing no one tells you about free-range chickens is that they will not necessarily come back to their coop to lay their eggs. not the smart ones, anyway. So you need to keep an eye on them and find their caches. They are not that smart so they will keep laying at a cache for a bit after the eggs start disappearing, but then they will find a new hiding spot and you have to start over again!)

This is a painting I finished inking this week, another in the Forest Spirits series. Also inspired by my time on the island.
Spirit Tree 2
5 x 7"
watercolor and ink
available on Etsy.