Thursday, October 30, 2008

free unicorn pattern

this is a repeat post from last year, but here is a little gift idea for you:

this is a pattern i made a couple years ago! this pattern requires: wool felt, 2 black beads, 4 tiny buttons, novelty yarns, stuffing, flower bead or ribbon flower, and polymer clay.

cut out 2 bodies and 8 legs and 2 ears from felt. whipstitch together, stuff, and sew shut, inserting the horn as you sew shut the head, as shown in diagram. after you have sewed all the peices together sew the legs on with the buttons (ask me if you need more details but i think a lot of my readers probably know how to make button joined legs.) lastly embellish the unicorn by tacking on his mane, tail, and the flower. sew one the 2 black bead eyes and the ears and enjoy! i have also modified this pattern in the past to make horses and donkeys. you could further embellish with beads or sequins, add wings, etc. they can be enjoyed as is or you can add a loop to hang them up as ornaments.

finished product. click on thumbnails to see larger:

making and inserting the horn from polymer and the pattern

full size pattern.

feel free to make, pass on, share, etc. just credit me and please don't make to sell them w/o permission!
edit: an alternate way to make the horn out of wool felt is here.


Camilla La Mer-Soul Art Dolls said...

I love this unicorn! I will try making him soon and send you a picture! Thanks.

beadbabe49 said...

What a darling little guy!

Toqua's Crafts said...

Super Cute!
I noticed when I went to print the pattern that it states it's "Scaled to 82%". Can you please give me approximate measurements (Length x Height)??
Thank you so much!