Sunday, June 21, 2009

blue sun sets

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i had a lovely weekend.
yesterday my friend jesse and i went to the fremont solstice festival, then i had a much needed massage. then we had dinner and sat on the beach for a while. it was quite a enjoyable and relaxing day.

today has been fraught with painting, reading, and naps. i listed 2 new little paintings on etsy.

tomorrow i am off to work in our tacoma studio -- getting ready to freeze textiles to kill bugs.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

painting in progress

painting in progress
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this is what i have been working on over the last week. unfortunately it has been a pretty stressful week at work so i have not painted much in the evenings - must make more of an effort! it's so easy to just collapse!

today i am off to the annual fremont solstice festival. that should be good for some inspiration - and i will probably take pictures of the outlandish dress (eep - and sometimes undress!) and the art cars.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

some watercolors for your consideration..

last night i went to greenwood art walk and it was good. then i came home and painted. this is what i have been working on for the last few days. these are each 4x4"
i just listed 4 paintings on etsy, but one of them sold immediately. these 2 are available at this moment..

i have some social plans this weekend, and some chores to do, but i want to paint lots! thank goodness my artist block has passed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

red rocks

red rocks
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i am so glad i am painting again. because work is so stressful but it helps a lot. soon i will list a few on etsy, i think.

i am so happy it is friday! it's as crazy as i have seen it at work in a few years, i think. pretty bad. it's wonderful to be able to get away at the park at lunch, and then to come home and make art. though i think i am going to go look at art tonight, before i go make art.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tree in bloom

tree in bloom
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returning to watercolor after some fallow time..

i have some more things i am working on. i am a bit rusty feeling. i wish i had more time and i wish my energy was a little less drained by some other things that hinder my focus..

art happenings

some art happenings in the Seattle area for you to enjoy:

Michael Alm's show : Animal Retentive. June 4 - 27th at Neptune Coffee, 8415 Greenwood Ave N. Opening June 12th, 7--10pm.

and, just a hop down the path:

Megan Meyer's has 2 shows:
Wedgewood Alehouse, 8515 35th, already opened
Urban Light Studios, 8537 Greenwood (87th and Greenwood, opening Friday June 12th, 6--9:30pm

(and i think i wil be able to show you some new of MY art this evening. after a creative dry spell i am dipping my feet in again.)