Tuesday, January 29, 2008

supermerino scarf

this was the project i was tired of but had to finish before i could start scala. i do not like to have too many project at once. it's enough that i usually have a beading project, a knitting project, and a drawing project. well, plus a book i am reading and this and that. anyway, i was getting bored with this by the end but i am very happy with the results. the pattern called for 3 skeins of artyarns supermerino, but you certainly could make a nice scarf with 2 skeins -- this one used all 3 and is 7' long! the pattern is here. the color i used was #129

now i am trying to decide if i should bead, knit, draw, or sleep.

Monday, January 28, 2008

january beaded journal house and scala

ok, i wasn't really better after all, but i am now. still, not much art-making was going on for a bit there. i managed to get some art going in the last few days, though.. i have gotten quite a bit done on my january beaded house, in fact, i am almost done, but here is an "in-progress" shot from a couple of days ago:

and i also finished the scarf i was knitting and started louisa harding's scala:
scala (photo from "venezia" book)

i finished the 1st repeat (10 more to go!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

true blue and zines galore

i am feeling much better today, went to work. did lots of stuff. played with pendleton trade blankets. i swear everyone who has ever owned one had a white cat, and even though i know they have been vacuumed and drycleaned and everything, every time i look at one some new cat hair has appeared.

i also got a great zine in the mail today, The Creative Life. I read it straight through right away, good zine, inspiring, check it out. Also if you do not read Ricë's blog, you might enjoy that. almost makes me want to do a zine again myself. well, maybe. you may know i published several zines in the past -- mysterium and la luna, and i have done a few one shot zines. too. more about my zines can be found here. I still have some back issues of la luna and mysterium left, plus the crow zine and selkie zine.

and lastly, some new art. true blue, it is on etsy. i think it would make a nifty valentine gift.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

river and peace...

a little under the weather..
but there is new art from the weekend.. on etsy:

Monday, January 21, 2008

gluten free, watercolors, and about drywall.

what you may not know about me is that i can't eat wheat. or corn. or a lot of other things.. but wheat and corn are the big ones. this has been the case for over 10 years now and i've adapted pretty well. i am fortunate to live in a city where there are a lot of resources for me, health food stores, gluten free sections in regular grocery stores, restaurants with gluten free offerings, even a whole gluten-free bakery or 2.

and just now i've made a stir fry with broccoli, bok choy, mushrooms, and chicken. served over rice noodles. actally there is enough for 2 more meals. and i got the ingredients for gluten-free vegetarian lasagna.

this weekend i learned to tape and mud drywall. i would not say i was good at it, but i did get slightly better as i got the hang of it. it is probably not something i was born with a natural gift for. also i got mud in my hair. as payment i got a trip to the gluten free bakery where my friend and i each ate: 1 slice gluten free cheese pizza, 1 spinach and egg gluten free sandwich (amazing) and 1 gluten free brownie. he can eat wheat and did not complain.

and also this weeknd i did some beading, knitting, and painting. and reading. and watched shrek 2 and shrek 3.

here is some of the painting i did. i think it is time to start a larger piece soon.. these 2 are on etsy.

buffalo in the snow

i would be sound asleep right now, were it not for the fact that i have heartburn. i think i am about to try giving sleep another go, but here is a peek in my living room/bedroom. (i live in a tiny studio condo. at least, tiny for seattle.. possibly spacious for new york.)

these are three new collages i recently purchased and just framed and hung, made by
you can see them up close here.
and this is what they look like in my home:

this is what i can see when i am lying on by bed. i am very happy with how the dark wood frames look with my dresser.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

december beaded journal house

i finished my december beaded journal house (i am running a bit behind!) and started my january one (must catch up!) i was very happy with how this turned out. each house is about the size of my hand. this is the 7th one i have done -- 5 more to go to complete the year.
for this one i got to use vintage sequins, quartz, and a variety of seed beads. click for a larger view.

here are all the houses so far:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i am finally starting to feel like myself again, thank goodness. i have been sick most of this year! and i have missed serveral days of work. but today i felt much better. enough to rouse myself to scan some art... these are on etsy. each is 4x4".

Saturday, January 12, 2008

peace like a river

i have been under the weather and sick in bed for the last 3 days but am trying to pull myself together again. i took a shower! the sheets are in the wash! i am going to the post office today!

and i listed 3 new little 4x4" paintings on Etsy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I had such a peaceful time painting this little watercolor last night, so I decided to call it Serenity. I hope I can do some more painting this evening, but so far I have been engaging in the fussy packing and paperwork side of being an independent artist!

Serenity is on etsy.

Monday, January 7, 2008

jasmine peace and ruby dream

i do not think there was a moment today in which i forgot it was a monday. however, 2 good things:
* i got some good healthy food and snacks at the grocery store on the way home, and about time.
* i have 2 new little paintings on etsy:

jasmine peace:

ruby dream:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

emerald villages

i still have a cold and felt run down today. did not do much. knit a little, slept a little, read a little. took down the holiday decorations.

these are 2 new ATCs (2.5 x 3.5") on etsy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


yes, i am still painting birds. and i don't know why, maybe because it is cold and grey and windy, but these birds are quite vividly colored. and you can find them on etsy. goodness have i been lazy today. i've done nothing but sleep and sit on the couch painting.

Friday, January 4, 2008

blue and brown knitting

this is my current knitting project...
yarn: artyarns super merino color 129
pattern: yarn market's free supermerino scarf pattern

still in progress, i have not blocked it yet. it takes 3 skeins. it will look better when i finish and block it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

more birds

i do seem to be painting a lot of birds lately. i don't know why, just what suits me at the moment. here are 2 owls and a heron. the owls, well, they are for wisdom of course, and in case you did not know they are the sacred bird to the greek goddess athena, which makes sense since she was the goddess of wisdom. the heron just reminds me of the island where i grew up. the school bus skirted the harbor in the morning and i would watch for herons. i always felt like i had a little secret or surprise on the days when i saw one. i still feel that way today when i do come upon one. turtles too, a day you have a turtle sighting is bound to be a good day. i always watch for them when i pass through the Arboretum. They like to sun themselves on the logs by the water. Of course this time of year they are napping for the winter, and I think I will go to bed early tonight too.

these little paintings are for sale on Etsy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

hey jupiter

this is another painting i did for a holiday gift. This was the only acrylic painting I did as a gift this year... It is 8x8", golden acrylic on gallery canvas with a little pitt pen. I prep the canvases first with 2 or 3 coats of golden acrylic gesso. i like to do paintings that allow me to combine some science in with my art... i seem to do that more with acrylic than watercolor.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new year's eve, the golden compass knits, and beaded house continued.

last night i went to a new year's eve party, and stayed up way too late. now i generally stay in on new year's eve. so this was a bit of excitement for me. we even opened the attic up to look at the haunted dollhouse! i ate "hot pot" and some yummy japanese rice confections (gluten-free!) and a lot of chocolate. even had a few sips of champagne! the space needle fireworks malfunctioned -- vista strikes again! (i have a macbook, so i have not had to deal with any of that.) all in all a good evening.

today i managed to rise at a semi-resonable hour and went to the matinee of a golden compass. enjoyed that, though i think better editing and continuity of the music score would have helped the move flow and improved the pacing considerably. the creatures were all nicely done and the costumes were quite good. in fact, here are some knitting links, if you are interested:

lyra's hat kit

another version of hat, free pattern.

lyra's coat, knitted with twine and fabric

other knitting i am curious about:
lyra's leg warmers
lyra's wristwarmers and mittens
lee scorseby's scarf and wristwarmers
various gyptian knits

does anyone have any other links?

and, last but not least, i did do a little beading yesterday.. here is the december house in progress.

books i read in 2007

i hope i remembered them all. my favorites are bolded.

american gods by neil gaiman
bare bones by kathy reichs
cross bones by kathy reichs
on stranger tides by tim powers
monday mornings by kathy reichs
orphan's tales vol I: in the night garden by catherynne valente
deja dead by kathy reichs
deadly decisions by kathy reichs
fatal voyage by kathy reichs
grave secrets by kathy reichs
map of dreams by m. rickert
break no bones by kathy reichs
yame no hon: the book of dreams by catherynne valente
skylight confessions by alice hoffman
the grass cutting sword by catherynne valente
in the stress of her regard by tim powers
rumors of spring by richard grant
night relics by james p. blaylock
the highest tide by jim lynch
winter tides by james p. blaylock
the rainy season by james p. blaylock
the romanov conspiracy by steve barry
love comes softly by janette oke
water for elephants be sara gruen
love's enduring price by janette oke
love's long journey by janette oke
love's abiding joy by janette oke
love's unending legacy by janette oke
the tender years by janette oke
giant house by c. mccracken
the amber room by steve barry
east by edith pattou
the templar legacy by steve barry
mimus by lilli thal and john brownjohn
the weight of water by anita shreve
castaways of the flying dutchman by brian jacques
larklight by phillip reeve
cold mountain by charles frazier
mortal engines by phillip reeve
infernal devices by phillip reeve
predators gold by phillip reeve
harry potter and the deadly hallows
midnight for charlie bone by jenny nimmo
charlie bone and the time twister by jenny nimmo
charlie bone and the invisible boy by jenny nimmo
the pinhoe egg by dianne wynne jones
charlie bone and the castle of mirrors by jenny nimmo
sunshine by robin mckinley
charlie bone and the hidden king by jenny nimmo
the human experiment by jane poynter
the stricktest school in the world by howard whitehouse
the darkling plain by phillip reeve
the world without us by alan weissman
house of clay by naomi nowak
stardust by neil gaiman
unholy kinship by naomi nowak
the girl sleuth and the women who created her by melanie rehak
the girl sleuth by bobby ann mason
bento box in the heartland by linda furiya
crazy dave by basil johnson
soul of nowhere by craig childs
mouseguard vol 1: fall 1152 by david petersen

(here my list breaks down and i have to work from memory)
the treasure at green knowe by l. m. boston
the golden compass by phillip pullman
the bible repairman by tim powers
the william ashbless memorial cookbook ed. by tim powers and james p. blaylock
on pirates by tim powers, james p. blaylock, and william ashbless
the faceless fiend by howard whitehouse
the arrival by shaun tan
the lost thing by shaun tan
the rabbits by shaun tan
the viewer by shaun tan
the lost thing by shaun tan
the secret knowledge of water by craig childs

..hm, i may have missed a few.