Monday, December 31, 2007

ravens and crows...

i had a really good time painting these. they are mostly freehand watercolor, accented with ink afterwards. i am working on some owls now..
these are on etsy:

Sunday, December 30, 2007

birds in nests

these are are some little 4x4" paintings i recently Etsy.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

december beaded journal house

so much art i want to do and just a few more days of vacation! i am knitting a scarf, working on some watercolors, and working on my beaded journal house for december. --and there are so many other things i want to do!

this is the december house so far:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

more holiday paintings..

i had a very nice christmas eve with family, followed by christmas day with friends. today i will probably have a quiet day knitting and watching tv, though i might go out and so a little post-holiday shopping, just at my neighborhood shops, no big expeditions! and i am feeling quite a bit better, i might have some coffee today, though i suppose i should wait another day or two. (i always buy coffee out, not make it, because unfortunately try as i might, the coffee i make is absolutely terrible. i mean, i could get a job at denny's.)

anyway, here are some more paintings that i made as gifts this season. these ones are 5x7"

and this painting is 5x5":

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

more holiday art!

i am starting to feel a bit better, but still taking it easy.
last night my mother, stepfather, and twin sister came over and we exchanged gifts. then we went to my mother's cousin's house, where i saw the relatives i probably have not seen since last christmas. all the kids are a little bigger, and so is the newfoundland zeke.

i'll be spending the day with friends, but here is some art for you before i go!

happy holidays, one and all!!
~ megan noel

Saturday, December 22, 2007

trying to feel the magic

i am still under the weather, actually my ibs is as bad as it gets now and i am pretty miserable and laid up. i have given up finishing the last present and cards -- they will have to wait. thank goodness my friend nusz came over to help with chores. he is cleaning the bathroom now. and i guess it is either a sign or how poorly i feel or of how long i have known him but i am not even embarassed to have him cleaning my bathroom.

i managed to rally a bit and do some holiday decorating before retiring back to the couch. i hope i am feeling better by monday, i have to work, but then i am off till the 2nd!

here are some photos of my decorations. a little wonky this year but good enough for me! the tree i made last year. it is stuffed. i made it from berber fleece. the ornaments are pinned on. i should have moved that black cord next to it.. that's for my sun-up light therapy light. anyhow, the tree has ornaments by me, faun bonewits, theresa hall, and my mother. i have some other neat ornaments hanging from the mantle, i shall show you those another day..

this is my little table. the mouse ornament is from my sister, my mother knit the little star he is sliding on, the beaded doll "Island Girl" is one of mine, and the 3 paintings in the background are by anna barrow.

you can see more, and see these in more detail, at my flickr account .

Sunday, December 16, 2007

periwinkle shawl and paintings

i feel out of sorts though it has been a somewhat productive day. i worked on a christmas present, and cards, did a little housework, napped, watched the lord of the rings.

this is the "periwinkle" shawl i am working on, pattern by louisa harding, in her yarn: sari ribbon, glisten, fauve, and kimono ribbon.
sari ribbon 20 (rust, olive, and copper)
kimono ribbon 9 (burgundy)
glisten 19 (rust)
fauve 22 (light olive

the lace repeat is 4 rows and the stripe repeat is 22 rows.

and i never did post the new jena colby painting i got a couple weeks ago. this is 5x5"

and finally, here is another holiday gift that has been opened already so i can show you now! :)
it is watercolor, 5x7"

i have not forgotten this blog!

i have not forgotten this blog -- no, not at all. it's just i generally post ART and most of the art i am making now is top secret until after the holidays. only of course there are always the people who open their presents early. so i can show you a few paintings now! this painting is watercolor, and i did not start with a sketch or plan really, i just.. went with it. it is 5x7". enjoy! i very much enjoy painting in this style. or anti-style, or whatever it is.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


this is something i finished today. it's for a gift... click thumbnail to see full sized.

pen and ink

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ghost Trees

It is snowing in Seattle, so pretty but cold to be out in. I went down to Urban Craft Uprising, which was quite good. (This is a local craft/art sale.) There were 120 vendors. Every year I try to get a Jena Colby original if I can, and every year I think it will be the last one I can afford. Well, as a present to myself I got a little one, I will have to take a picture of it for you. Then on the way home I stopped in at my local yarn store to get something for a gift I am making. Fiona, the shop French Bulldog, was in an unusually mellow mood and let me snuggle with her in a big overstuffed chair while she grunted happily.

These are three new paintings (ATCs and 4x4") that I listed on Etsy.