Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn in the NW

113photo1 by megan_n_smith_99
113photo1, a photo by megan_n_smith_99 on Flickr.

I took this photo a few years ago but this pretty much captures autumn in Seattle. It poured and poured yesterday, and I was glad I did not have anyplace I absolutely had to go. Today looks a bit better but since I am still getting over a cold I probably will not be going out to jump in any leaves.

I am actually working a bit on 2 new watercolors that I am quite happy with but I am not going to show you until they are done, and I may not work on them today because I feel like I really need to take it easy. I have a hard time doing nothing. have a hard time even doing 1 thing at a time. I feel like I always need to be productive and that's not always a good thing! I overdo it a lot

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