Saturday, May 5, 2012

some of my paintings in autumny colors

this week has sorted of floated by in a swirl of heavy rains and tissues. i am not sure if i am suffering from a cold or allergies - maybe it doesn't even matter which - but i have not been bursting with energy. i have read and listened to several books and finished a large (for me) painting. it's 10x20" and you can see it once i see if i can scan it and stitch together the scans. or perhaps i'll try taking a photo of it, but scans tend to turn out better. it'd be nice to have a really big scanner but i suppose most people don't have those at home and i've no idea where i would put it if i did have one.

i was playing with flickr toys this morning and made this mosaic of some of my paintings i've done over the last couple of years in autumny colors. which are some of my favorites. though now is spring and i've been painting recently in blues and greens and purples and some warmer colors like magenta and fuchsia for the most part.

and i've started playing with instagram. you can see some of my instagram photos on flickr or my userid on instagram is megannoel1.

now for a cup of coffee.

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