Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet me at the Center of the Earth

Well, it's been a while since I went more than a few miles from my house. Today I ventured forth.

I went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the exhibition that is closing this week -- Nick Cave's Meet me at the Center of the Earth. Now, you may be confused because I am NOT talking about the musician Nick Cave. There is also an amazing visual artist named Nick Cave. I've been a fan for years but had never seen any of this work in person until now. It's amazing! It's hard to describe. He uses textiles, mostly repurposed textiles, to create the full body costumes, which are works of art on their own. But also they are interactive - they make sound when they move. And they are made of everything from vintage crocheted afghans, to pieces from vintage beaded gowns, repurposed sweaters, buttons, almost anything you can imagine.

I loved it! It was so fun! And there was a little girl there with her mother and she loved it too. It is such happy and fun art that I think anyone could find something to enjoy in it.

Here is a Flickr set which some more Nick Cave images. Also if you do a google image search for "Nick Cave Artist" you will find lots of amazing things!

After that I had lunch at the taste of SAM restaurant which a gift card I had and then went and fussed about with my IRAs. I wonder why the downtown branch of Fidelity is in the retail core? Between a sports bar and the Levi store. Well, it was easy to get to but still seemed a bit odd! Then on the way home there was a crazy lady with a pet rat and I really wanted to steal the rat because she was very much smoking something and I thought the rat deserved a loving drug-free home! What is it with people and their pets? I saw someone walking their cat on the beach a couple weeks ago. The reason you have to keep your cat on a leash at the beach is because it is terrified of all the people, dogs, screaming seagulls, etc etc and wants to run and hide. It wold be easier on the cat if you left it at home to hide.

And then, to round out my adventures of the day I let a man who spoke almost no english wax my brows. And they actually turned out ok.

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