Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sketch Journal

Sketch Journal
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Note to self: do not think after dark, there's no profit to it.

Well! that was a crappy night's sleep! but now it is daylight, or as I like to call it, art making time. My bedside lamp recently expired, to my great sadness as it was an antique. Actually it broke in 3 different ways and only 2 of them are fixable. So I decided it was time to buy an OTT lamp. Not the OTT lamp of my dreams, that one was more than I wanted to spend right now, so I got the basic floor lamp. (Sort of wanted the one w/ the magnifier but it was quite a bit more. Anyway I am excited about it since this will make sketching in bed easier and more enjoyable. I assume everyone sketches in bed? Well and I also read and sometimes distribute toast crumbs.

This is another art journal page, once again using my favorite Pitt Pens. I mostly use size S and B. Here I used sanguine and Black. And I think a little Burnt Sienna.

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