Tuesday, May 3, 2011

raku moon face necklace.

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the moon face is from Rama, a wonderful bead company that does not exist any more. I've been hoarding all the Rama beads I still have, but decided it was time to start using them. I made this necklace for myself. But there is another new one on Etsy.

We had a beautiful day in Seattle for May Day. I took advantage of the good weather and walked down to the Fremont Sunday Market. The one in my neighborhood is more of a farmer's market, and the one in Fremont is more of a craft / flea / random thing market. I lived in Fremont for 6 years so I always feel at home there. It was a 5 mile round trip, though, and I was pretty tired afterwards!

Yesterday I went out to Vashon Island, where I grew up. I got pretty drenched getting there but the weather cleared up for my ferry ride home. It's so quiet and peaceful on Vashon. I had a good day. Though today I am tired and may actually take a little nap now...

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