Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red Maple

Red Maple
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After taking a little break from watercolor (in pursuit of: a job, reading, and pen and ink) It felt very good to get back to it with this piece. It's only 5 x 7" but i included a lot of detail thanks to my trusty size 1 round brush. I love all these colors I've used, from the Daniel Smith Quinacridone set.

I've had a quiet weekend. I had dinner with my family on Sunday -- including my step sister who I rarely see. That was nice. Yesterday I went on a long walk and discovered 2 tiny parks I did not know about with amazing views of Salmon Bay. It is so nice to sit and look at the water, hear the waves lap the shore, the seagulls cry and the song birds in the trees chirping away. You can easily forget you are actually in a city.

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