Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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My life seemed more eventful when I was working-- even though I did not blog about work much and did not do too much else beyond that.

Well, today I sent out 2 resumes and applied for an online job, went to the post office, library, and grocery store, got some tea, and sat in the sun for a bit. Then I did the scary thing and went to my former place of employment to retrieve my personal items that my former coworkers had packed up for me. I am glad that i was forced to clean out everything last year when it flooded, but i still had a lot of things there! But after 15 years you would expect that. A friend gave me a ride and that made it easier in more ways than one.

I read some (Spirits in the Wires by Charles De Lint) and listening to an audio book for a while (My Man Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse), and I did some painting.

I feel a bit lonely and restless sometimes. Oh, yes! I did chat with my twin sister who is on a trip to Siberia right now. An awful lot of what is online is just a waste but there is some amazing technology too!

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