Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Autumn Creature

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Well, I can't seem to stay away from Autumn colors, even in Spring. At least I HEAR it is Spring. Actually it was pretty nice in Seattle today. I sat outside with my friend Janusz for a while, drinking an iced mocha, while waiting for a hose on my vacuum cleaner to be replaced. It made me pretty happy that it was only $20 and they did not charge me for labor. I like fixing things instead of buying new things!

I just sent out 2 resumes. Working on resumes and cover letters is pretty emotionally exhausting.

I think I will either paint or read now to relax. I am working on a bigger painting - 11 x 14" -- well, it's big for me and it's big for watercolor. For me, since I always want to go crazy with detail.

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