Saturday, October 11, 2008

welted fingerless gloves

welted fingerless gloves
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pattern from churchmouse yarns and teas on bainbridge island. the yarn is manos silk blend, color 3019, dove grey

i love the yarn and the welted cuffs. i think if i knit again, i might do the thumbs differently. i had a hard time keeping the increases tidy. and there are some gaps that were at the spaces between needles on the garter stitch portions -- i need to work on that! i do really like this pattern so i will make it again. i am trying to decide if i will add the buttons to the cuffs that were suggested as optional. i think i will make a matching scarf and/or cowl or scarf-let.


Elisa said...

silk is just so perfect for gloves, isn´t it? I used Alchemy silk purse for mine. AND I wrote a pattern for easy finderless gloves and have a really great solution for the thumb. I am going to translate it imto English asap, it is for download free on Ravelry. I hope you will knit it too. It is designed for silk. ^_^

Megan Noel said...

i would love to knit your pattern when it is in english. silk is so wonderful! :)