Tuesday, October 28, 2008

crocheted acorn

crocheted acorn
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this is the first acorn i crocheted.

i just gave three away, one to my mother, and one to my best work friend-- actually, two to her, she wanted to send one to a friend and i am happy to share the acorn love.

two of my lovely readers have sent me acorn caps, so i have lots! some are from colorado and some are from california.

if you would like me to send YOU an acorn, please leave a comment AND email me your address to mnoelATrdwarfDOTcom. depending on how many people ask it might be a little bit, but i will send your acorn before autumn is over. just ask me by november 4th, a week from today.

for the lovely people who sent me acorn caps -- i am already planning to send you acorns! :)

note: the pattern is from resurection fern, which is a wonderful blog.

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ellen said...

I found you through Resurrection Fern..I tried crocheting some acorns for a friend..they turned out sort of o.k. I am not much of a crocheter and two of them looked a bit pregnant! I think that yours are just fine.
I hope that you are feeling better. Hug that kitty.
Best to you.