Monday, October 20, 2008

a walk in autumn

a walk in autumn
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yesterday was rather nice out. i went for a walk, stopping to take some pictures of the beautiful fall colors, and of the produce and things at the farmer's market. i do love the colors of autumn. i also worked on my halloween costume, which, true to form, i am knitting. it's a surprise at the moment, however. this photo at least gives you a hint on the colors i am using.

now, i wanted to mention that if anyone happened to stumble upon any especially large acorn caps on their autumn ramblings, i would love some. most of the ones i have found are small. (I have a hoard of acorns already, and some from last year. my stuffed mouse wants enough to make a pie!) anyway, there is a neato craft project involving them on my new favorite blog:
resurrection fern.

so anyhow. it's raining today.

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Camilla said...

Hi Megan! I have been following your blog for some time. I just learned how to make comments! I built my own blogspot site this weekend. I am an art doll artist. I just happened to find a few handfulls of acorn caps on Saturday. People stared at me as I gleefully loaded my purse with them as if I had just discovered gold. I have a number of large ones. You should definitely knit those fabulous little acorn bowls! Let me know...Camilla