Tuesday, October 14, 2008

october houses

october houses
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i finished 2 more little houses. these are the "october houses" and i have listed them on etsy. hmm, have to decide what i want to do now. more houses or more dolls? and the colors. because left on my own i tend to stick with the autumn colors...

anyway. i was thinking today it is autumn, and winter is coming. i am a mammal living in the northern hemisphere. since i don't happen to have adaptations that make me suited for the climate, i have several options: 1) hibernate, 2) migrate, and 3) hunker down. my job does not allow me to hibernate or migrate, and i guess i am hunkering down - though the job is interfering with that, too. mammals who aren't suited for the north don't do a lot beyond the basics in winter. they make sure they keep as warm as they can, have someplace to sleep, and have food and water. but they don't do anything fancy. no mating, courting, raising offspring, etc. no they conserve their energy. and my body wants to do that too, but having to go to work every day makes that hard. anyway, the fatigue is worse than it has been, and fevers off and on, bah.

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Elisa said...

I suggest that you should make more houses. I prefer them over the dolls.

Autuumn is great here for the first time.

Greetings from northeast Germany