Monday, October 13, 2008

autumn doll closeup

Originally uploaded by megan_n_smith_99

i uploaded some more pictures of my recent dolls to flickr. this is the autumn doll. and it certainly feels like autumn -- at least -- in seattle. some people got frost on friday, though it has warmed up a bit and was almost pleasant for a little while on sunday. i wandered around the farmer's market and bought some organic vegetables. tonight i made soup out of them -- oh the smell of onions, garlic, and thyme simmering. then i added yukon gold potatoes and some broccoli. it was a cream-based soup. very good indeed. after that i worked on a couple more of my little embellished house ornaments and now it is time for bed. i do wish there was more time. i suppose some people might wish to sleep less, but i love sleep and need a lot of it, so i'll just wish there was more time in general, to make stuff and nap and read books, mostly.

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