Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throw Back Thursday - in Pencil.

I believe he term is "throw-back Thursday" but I am not posting a "selfie". These are three pencil drawings of mine. the one on the top was done in 1989. The two lower ones were done in 2012. Most likely the older one was done with a #2 pencil on white construction paper. The newer ones were done with, probably, 6b and 8b pencils on stonehenge art paper. I guess my style, while it has evolved, started emerging early? Maybe next time I will dig up some of my early pen and ink drawings....

here are two another pencil drawing from 2012, the first is graphite and prismacolor colored pencil, the second is just prismacolor, and possibly a bit of white "charcoal" pencil? on black paper:

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