Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Becoming & Childhood Dream House

Becoming by megan_n_smith_99
Becoming, a photo by megan_n_smith_99 on Flickr.

When I was a kid, I recall spending a fair bit of time drawing floor plans for my imagined dream house. I can't remember all of the specifics, but I am sure my dream house contained lots of playrooms, bookshelves, probably secret rooms behind bookshelves, spiral staircases, and large playrooms. I actually wish I still had some of those drawings, because I'd like to see what my younger self held as an ideal.

I am guessing my younger self would not have drawn the floor plan of the condo I live in today. I am sure the lack of secret rooms and hidden cupboards would be appalling to her. (There is a safe in the closet, though. It came with the place. I've never put anything in it.)

My adult self generally likes living in a small place - less to clean - though I'd be quite happy to have another closet or 3, and there are times when I think a bedroom with a door would be nice. (My condo is a studio.) I am not sure how much my younger self would care about the view. I grew up on Vashon Island with an amazing view of Mount Rainier and the Cascades. I think I took it for granted, though. Now I really do appreciate my view of the Olympic Mountains.

I also doubt my childhood self would even care about my favorite things about my kitchen: the in-door water and ice dispenser in my fridge, the garbage disposal, the dishwasher, a perfect cupboard for tea, and the built-in microwave which I rarely use except for softening ice cream and melting butter.

My childhood self might find the TV in the bathroom appealing. However my adult self views it as unnecessary. It came with the place. I rarely use it. Occasionally I check the weather while brushing my teeth and I did watch a documentary about B2 bombers while painting my bathroom.

the 5 jillion cable jacks might appeal to my younger self, once she figured out what cable and a cable modem was.

I have sometimes thought of trying my hand at dream house designing again, but I fear my adult self would get too caught up on things like scale, sufficient room for doors to open, plumbing, etc. (Hm, actually my younger self did know about pocket doors. There should be more pocket doors in the world.)

Today's drawing has nothing to do with dream houses:

5 x 7"
Pen and ink
Available on Etsy.

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