Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Knitting by Wind

leaf light kimono in progress
Originally uploaded by megan_n_smith_99

a coworker forwarded me this great link.. a Wind Powered Knitting Machine.

now the knitting in this picture is not machine knitting, it is hand knitting, a closeup of part of the Leaf Light Kimono I made from a Jane Thornley Pattern. It is the windiest knitting I have .. reminds me of ripples of clouds or water rippled by the wind, sand rippled by the sea.


Camilla La Mer said...

Hi Megan!

This is some of the prettiest knitting I have ever seen! Why and how is it a "Kimono?" That makes it even more fascinating. I can't wait to see more...

Hope you are well!


Mardi said...

The wind powered knitting machine is an ingenious idea. That photo of a long trailing fabric hanging off the side of the building reminds me of that video of the old knitster who knits off a cliff and the weight of the knitting eventually pulls her off the edge.