Tuesday, March 29, 2011

artwork in progress

artwork in progress
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(written 3/28. posted 3/39)
here is something i am working on. pen & ink & watercolor. it's 9 x 12 inches. it feels kind of Celtic-y to me but it's not overtly so. maybe it feels that way to me because i have been looking at celtic art and thinking about it, and i was listening to Charles de Lint's Moonheart while working on it, which features a Celtic bard, among other things. For a long time it was my favorite of his novels. I still like it, but having been recently rereading and re-listening to some of his later works I can appreciate how his talent has matured. I sure hope he is going to do more audio books. (Well, he is not the reader, but I mean I hope he authorizes them!) Forest of the Heart is my current favorite, and it has not been made into an audio book -- at least not yet.

Lots of art ideas in my head and not much time to work on them! I have a sinus headache this evening so I think I will now go hole up with a book.

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