Thursday, March 10, 2011

dove and moth grey shawl

dove and moth grey shawl
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this is something i am working on. i love playing with color and texture - it's like painting with yarn! i am thinking of writing some little tutorials for a couple of very simple projects employing this sort of free-form knitting where you frequently switch yarns and combine things that might not OBVIOUSLY go together. is that something you might find of interest? it would be geared towards any skill level.

also i thought i would mention i have a twitter acount. i use it mostly for posting inspirational quotes from various artists, musicians, public figures, etc. i hate to say it was the best use i could come up with for it. most of twitter seems a little silly to me! the things get the most out of reading on it are my local weather reports, and location updates from my 2 local gourmet icecream trucks. (!)

anyway, if you are intersested my twitter ID is megannoel. Also if you have something really REWARDING you do with your twitter account or if you have found a twitter account that really inspires you, let me know!

i find it is an ongoing process to use the amazing opportunities on the internet to enrich life and not to reduce it to a surface level! it can be done - who is with me?

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