Monday, March 21, 2011

celtic oak

celtic oak
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Celtic Oak
8 by 8 inches
watercolor and ink on paper

another new painting. i am working on ideas for a new series of works inspired by celtic design - mostly the neolithic stone carving. i don't really know where the idea is going - this is not what i had envisioned, but then what i had envisioned is rather vague. maybe more a feeling than anything else. and darn, knot work is intricate! it's hard enough to draw with pencil, eraser, and ink pens - imagine doing it with the basic tools available to contemporary carvers!

my mother and i went to a show of knitting inspired by viking carvings. i don't think i really understood, till then, what the intricate cable work seen in scandinavian knitting was really trying to represent. it gave me a new appreciation. viking carvings are similar to the celtic ones, but of course viking ships "visited" (or raided) the west coast of England many times over the centuries.

we'll see where these new ideas of mine end up going.