Monday, March 17, 2008

february beaded journal house speaking of SMALL HOUSES

february beaded journal house
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well, it's only mid march -- high time i finished my February Beaded Journal House. it's not that i am such a slow beader-- quite the contrary -- but i do have my knitting, my painting and drawing, and my reading to keep up with. not to mention full-time employment.

i have, fortunately, cut way back on my chores by hiring some out. i must say i wish i had done that long ago. fortunately i found an economical arrangement and it leaves me more time for art. and the time i do spend on chores can be spent doing things like sorting and organzing rather than scrubbing, the end result being my condo is approaching organized! and tidy! and less STUFF EVERYWHERE. (you know, of course, that i live in 515 square feet, which is a bit tight for doing art in PLUS living. you can see some photos and a floor-plan here.

so anyway, this is the february house. And I made the form and pulled together some beads for the March house. Both of which are beaded around my longing for, and celebration of: SPRING. the most hopeful time of year! and after another grey NW winter, a balm indeed.

i am so thrilled that we finished going through the library of books we were going through at work today. 2,140 books, 108 boxes, and i estimate about 2 tons of books. last summer and fall i went through an additional 2700 books, documenting them and packing them up. fascinating collection but so gosh darn HEAVY.

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