Monday, April 16, 2012

Raven Sings the World Alive

I've been painting birds lately. And I'm not done yet, either! Spring must be inspiring me to pull out the bright blues, mossy greens, and delicate violets. I just listed 3 on Etsy, a heron, a raven, and a peacock.

I've always loved herons, and used to watch for them on my school bus growing up, as we traced the shoreline. Crows are everywhere in Washington State, and Ravens are not uncommon either. In the winter when everyone else heads south, there are still crows and gulls and other seabirds. Unfortunately there are not a lot of peacocks wandering about, other than at the zoo, where they pretty much go wherever they please. I think there are a few feral peacocks on Vashon Island, where I grew up, but none of them lived near our farm.

Anyway, if you are interested, check out my birds on Etsy, and happy spring! (If you are N of the equator!)

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Kittyj said...

YES - still some peacocks down the hill from me!