Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tea Party

Tea Party by megan_n_smith_99
Tea Party, a photo by megan_n_smith_99 on Flickr.

This is a new painting I finished a couple of days ago and it is available on Etsy. I think it would be quite fetching hanging in a kitchen.

I've also been listing some more of my beaded houses on Etsy, if you are interested. And some yarn on Ravelry. My Ravelry user name is megannoel.

I have not been feeling very well the last few days, There is a bit of sun today, it looks like, so that might help. Also I think I am having pho, which is good because I have not really felt like going through the bother of preparing food or eating. I have heard you need to do that sometimes...

Now I should go make a cup of tea!

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