Saturday, February 18, 2012

Art Zines, Sleepless, Typos, and My Twin Sister.

I am working on a new painting that I hope I finish later today. I'm pretty happy with it. I wish I did not need to sleep so much so I could paint more, though actually I do like naps so I suppose I would miss them. I have been listening to Nancy Kress' Sleepless series, about a future with gene mods where some people don't need to sleep, and it's quite fascinating It is the kind of science fiction that actually makes you think, which is always good. As an offset to the escapist fantasies I also like to read, I guess.

I've listed some art zines on Etsy! I suppose some of you know that I used to publish several zines. They were: Mysterium (9 issues), La Luna (I forget- maybe 4 issues?) and there were some one-offs, lncluding a selkie zine and a crow zine. Several of these are now on Etsy.

This is the front / back cover of Mysterium issue 9, which may have been my favorite issue, though it has at least 1 typo. How do those slip past? It made me feel better that my twin sister recently blogged that she sometimes makes typos as well. I actually was a bit surprised! I did not think she was perfect but I thought her copy was.

If you want to visit my twin sister's blog it is Telling Secrets. It's quite a different sort of blog than mine. My sister works in the missions field doing research / education / writing / editing. (Actually I wonder if she would consider that an apt description of her job, but it's how I see it.) She gets to meet lots of people around the country and sometimes around the world. She's been to some fascinating places that are certainly off the beaten path. I guess when she chose to go to Haiti as part of a medical mission when she was only 17 the die was cast. She lives quite a different life at times than most of us in America can imagine. She was telling me the other day about when a toddler she was living with in central asia ate all her cough drops and you could not get them where she was. The things we take for granted!

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