Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Ideas Part 9

If you read this post, you know I used to publish a zine called Mysterium. For your reading pleasure I have been sharing 100 holiday ideas from an issue published in 2002. The world has changed since then, and I have changed as well, but some of these are still good ideas!

91) If you can manage a sleigh ride, or a horse-drawn buggy ride, that would be excellent.

92) Make eggnog, or mulled cider, from scratch.

93) Light a candle on Winter Solstice. Better yet, make candles and or decorate candles you have purchased.

94) Have a gift wrapping contest amongst your immediate family. Have silly prizes for the most beautiful, the most original, the most deceiving, etc.

95) Do something nice that no one else will ever know about. Clean out the microwave or fridge at work, shovel someone's walk, throw out litter you find lying about, etc.

96) Make puppets out of paper lunch sacks or old socks and have a puppet show.

97) Make your own advent calender. Save it to use again next year!

98) Start a holiday chain letter with family members, sharing favorite memories. Just don't threaten anyone with bad luck if they do not forward it!

99) Have a progressive dinner with friends. That way each person only has to prepare one dish. I suppose everyone needs to tidy up a bit.

100) Tell someone that you love them. Or a lot of people.

okay! that's 100!

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