Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Ideas part 7

If you read this post, you know I used to publish a zine called Mysterium. For your reading pleasure I have been sharing 100 holiday ideas from an issue published in 2002. The world has changed since then, and I have changed as well, but some of these are still good ideas!

71) Use your computer to create your own mad libs and choose your own adventure stories. Print out, bind, and give to your playful friends and relatives for holiday gifts.

72) Make a loved on a "to-do" jar and fill it with fun suggestions-- write a story -- take a walk -- give someone a hug -- go to a movie, etc. This would also be good to do with kids over holiday break from school.

73) If traditional holidays stress you out, invent your own. Also you can find some lists of weird holidays on-line. When is Yeti day?

74) Try stringing popcorn this year. I mean, if you are bored or anything, not if you feel you need to be the next Martha Stewart. suggest a large needle and dental floss for string. Also don't salt the popcorn, especially if you have any hangnails...

75) Make your OWN list of 100 holiday ideas because I am having a hard time thinking of 100 ideas and they might start getting silly from here on out.

76) Leave a plate of cookies out for Santa, and a carrot for the raindeer, and some yak jerky for Bumble.

77) Bumble is so cute. Check eBay and/or CVS for plush Bumble and Bumble accessories. [Ed. note: not sure if CVS still sells but you should be able to find some on eBay.)

78) Try making a holiday wreath out of the weirdest things you can think of. Also try making an edible wreath out of the weirdest things you can think of.

79) Make snowmen out of marshmallows and watch them melt in your cocoa. Then drink it. Provide sound effects.

80) Especially if you live in Florida, make a huge batch of popcorn balls and have a faux snowball fight.

tune in next time for more ideas! 20 left to go!

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