Sunday, February 27, 2011

yeti doll

Originally uploaded by megan_n_smith_99

another old favorite - and actually i think this was the 1st beaded doll i ever made. the yeti is 8" tall. later i also made a female yeti, carrying a baby in a papoose.

i bead my dolls on ultrasuede, stabilized with fusible interfacing on the back. then i assemble and stuff after i do the beadwork, finally adding fringe. it's tedious to stuff an already beaded doll - the bits of stuffing want to catch on the beads. most other people i know doing beaded dolls assemble and stuff the doll 1st, then bead. but i could not get the control i wanted to get this much detail unless i beaded on a flat surface and then stuffed, so this is the method i came up with.

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