Thursday, September 18, 2008

autumn is on its way

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well, autumn is nearly here. and i love the colors, and the leaves, acorns, apple cider, pumpkin pies, etc. i love the crisp morning air and the smell of bonfires and woodsmoke. and yet, autumn tends to make me depressed. maybe just the lack of light, the shorter days, (working in a basement with no windows), and the thought that winter in the northwest might well last 9 months. not that it's super cold, but it can get dreary. lots of people like that for me it can be quite wearing.

anyhow. here is some autumn art. i do love the colors, as i said. last night i was lying in bed getting art ideas, but blast it! i can't remember more than one or two. usually i can remember more than that. i blame the oolong martini i had last night. what do YOU want to see me draw or paint? or knit. or bead.


ElisaStulpe said...

I love autuumn like you do. It will be my birthday the day before halloween ^_^; and I also agree upon the colours. Plus I recently found out I only can wear autuumn colours to match my skin shade, hair and eye colour. ^_^

What I´d like to see you make:

Pictures of forrests and gardens and houses and ravens. You should knit more of those great fringed triangular shawls out of different wools in warm autuumn colours (shades of greens, another with shades of brown and one with oranges, yellow and dark reds and one with shades of purple). After you made the acorn softies, you could sew some pumpkins and perhaps even crochet some small ones. As for beading you could make some small rotund and oval beaded brooches with autuumn colours and copper embelishments. Oh, and you could make some small boxes with something beaded, something from nature, a little statue...inside and perhaps some journals with beaded "pictures" on the front as an inlay. You haven´t made a beaded doll for ages, how about that? How about a autuumn faerie one? You have done so many things out of clay, why not try to do some things out of wood, pear wood is phantasticly soft and good to stard with.

I´m looking forward to your autuumn art and will be curious what you will make.

Megan Noel said...

thank you for all the great feedback -- i wonder if i have time for half of that! :)

Marti said...

Love the autumn art. Finally framed the three you gave us the last couple years and put them up in the guest room.

Elisa said...

you´re welcome. ^_^

Funnily, the same question is what I ask myself at the beginning of autuum too. ^_^;
Plus we have a garden and it is harvesting time and I have to transform the tons of apples, elderberries, rose hips, pumpkins of all sizes and the few quinces from the very first quince crop and the last few strawberries into something storable or at least edible.

I am having so many ufos and dared to start a new project yesterday... oh boy.

Good luck with your art. It is so inspiring to see you make it.