Monday, February 16, 2015

Getting ready for Exterminator City the third.

It was so nice to have a long weekend. I wish that could happen about once a month. I had a lot to do, and it's the 1st weekend in a while when I had not been sick. I got some done. I finished 2 paintings and some designs for bookmarks, assembled 5 stuffed yeti, and I did the layout for issue 2 of Stories and Dreams Zine. I am taking it to the printer tomorrow and it will be available for sale for $5 in a few days. Well, technically it debuts this coming weekend at Exterminator City 3. But I will have it for preorder on etsy in the next day or two and will let you know! Anyone who orders it I will send it out over the weekend and throw in some extra goodies.

A few peeks from issue 2:

My friend Corianna loaned me a movie for valentine's day. Well, I loaned her Ella Enchanted and she loaned me Barefoot in the Park. I must say I prefer Jane when she is being charming and not trying to make me exercise. Most of my experience of her up until now had been on the later sort. I like how old movies are so much more like going to a play than our multimedia extravaganzas now. I enjoyed the movie, which I had not seen before. Also I would like to thank the person who got me a box of chocolates. Oh, that was me. I am so thoughtful. So anyway, that was my valentines, that and getting ready for Exterminator City and my show at Miro next month. I will have a few other new items at Exterminator city. I will show you more peeks later this week and everything will also be available online soon. I am also going to be in group shows in March and April. Once this stuff for the 1st three events are wrapped up, in about 2 weeks, I am going to be good and lazy for a while. I always say that but I really mean it now. Well, I often am lazy on weeknights - I believe the technical term is exhausted - but I usually am not on weekends even if I fully intend to be. So I did all the stuff I mentioned above this weekend and cleaned-the-house-sort-of.

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