Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's Not Easy Being Green

I have been thinking about green. Seattle, in general, is pretty green. Evergreens, the first national curbside recycling program, etc. But downtown seattle is less green. Particularly the part where I work, the edge of the International District and the Industrial District and the Stadium District. It's very interesting, there are always things going on. But it can be sorta grey. Grey sky, grey cement, a lot of grey or at least neutral colored buildings, grey water. I was thinking that it was a lot easier to deal with the frequent grey days when I lived on Vashon Island, where things were a lot more green. The water and sky were still often grey, but the roads and houses and tiny townlets were all surrounded by towering trees, many of them evergreens so they were green all year 'round. So on a rainy day, the overall feeling was one of verdant life. And in the woods you don't get as wet because there are all these trees between you and the sky. Today was a grey day, after a little run of sunny days, and I could feel the difference in my mood … and my bones. So I was thinking I might need to do some very-green paintings. Here's one from a few years ago:

Sherwood 8 x 10" watercolor

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