Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fox Shaman

I started doing small animal paintings earlier this year. I think partly because I had been working on some really large paintings earlier this year and it was a nice little change. I actually am almost done with one of the large paintings - I think It will be done later today and I can show you soon! It's watercolor & ink. This little fox shaman is watercolor & ink and he is 4 x 6"
I will always want to use autumn colors and paint autumn themes, not just in fall. It seemed appropriate for this fiery little guy. I have been collecting these elaborate frames and creating artwork specifically with them in mind. So I think my elaborate little worlds work inside these baroque borders or fringes. The fox is available on Etsy. And now, I have made a cup of black tea with half and half & maple sugar ..back to the art supplies!

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