Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quartet 2

Quartet 2 by megan_n_smith_99
Quartet 2, a photo by megan_n_smith_99 on Flickr.

Another bird painting. I do like painting flowers and birds. I am trying to expand my repertoire, but painting birds and spirals and swirls is sort of like eating rice pudding. it's comfort painting.

I managed to miss the worst of the rain today, thank goodness. I stopped by the bead store to pick a couple things up to finish a project you will see in a day or 2. i have discovered the way to spend less money at the bead store is to misplace you reading glasses. if i can't even tell what it is, how can i buy it? anyway another way to economize - i am trying to live frugally but i can't get along w/o art. fortunately i got lots of art paper for christmas! it will keep me going for a long time.

ok, back to making-things. you can see Quartet 2 on Etsy. 8 x 8" is a standard frame size. A bird painting would be an unexpected mother's day gift.

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