Thursday, March 22, 2012

Handwoven silk shawl at Nordic Heritage Museum

A couple of days ago my mother and I went to the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle to see the show Celebrating 75 Years of the Seattle Weavers’ Guild. This is a photo of the piece my mother had in the show. This gorgeous shawl is hand woven from silk and I think has about 1 million ends to the inch, or something like that anyway. Isn't it beautiful? And it has a lovely drape - I know this because I have one just like it that she wove for me, presumably on the same warp. My sister has a red and black one.

There were many handwoven items in the show - wall hangings, dishtowels, aprons, shawls, pillows, rugs, and more. It was all absolutely beautiful. There are a lot of very talented weavers in the Seattle area. My mother joined the guild when we moved to Washington state, in 1978 it must have been.

The show is up until May 6th. If you are in the Seattle area, you should go and see it. There are even looms set up where you or your child can try a little weaving of your own.

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