Saturday, September 26, 2009

rolling red hills

rolling red hills
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i have not been feeling very well the last few days so have been lying low, lying around, listening to the audio book of prodigal summer as read by the author, barbara kingsolver. but i did list some watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, and a beaded button in my etsy shop. i love autumn colors and am inclined to use them all year around, but at least i have an excuse right now!


Claudia said...

Without a doubt my favorite colors have always been earth colors. Autumn is such a joyous time of year for me. Here in New England, with the weather getting a bit crisper and cooler (with a bit of a bite), and the trees beginning to change color...well, I just come alive. Your art is very indicative of that. So beautiful!

Gina said...

Beautiful twosome paintings with fall colors! Hope you feel better soon and best of luck with your Etsy shop--you are very creative and multi-talented, Megan.