Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Artists with cuticles that look like small animals chewed on them unite.

I was comparing myself to someone else, who shall remain nameless. She is always immaculately dressed, made up, and accessorized. Yesterday she wore open toed shoes and her toes were even perfectly pedicured. Of course it was like 30 degrees out so she regretted that fashion statement! I can’t even resent her for looking so perfect because she is also smart and nice.

But i do sometimes compare myself. I got dressed in about 2 minutes this morning and i think i match more of less because almost everything i own is brown or black anyway. As usual i am not wearing jewelry or makeup. I think my hair is more or less combed, but probably pretty messy.

I paint my toenails about once a year and then realize how very wrong that looks and clean the nail polish off. Actually i think the last time i painted the was a year and a half ago for an ex-boyfriend’s wedding. I needed to feel assessorized.

But on the other hand, i can draw little odd things in a way no one else can, and paint, and bead, and mix fibers up, and all sorts of other little things. It is true, however, that my cuticles look like small animals have chewed on them. In fact, i can’t rule that out. They may have.

I was thinking of having my mad scientist friend help me make a video of me doing a bead embroidery thing to show y’all. But then i looked at my cuticles. But i think maybe i will do it anyway. Artists with cuticles that look like small animals chewed on them unite.


Marti said...

Ha ha! I have nice-ish fingernails primarily because chewing on them or tearing them off gets to be a health risk when I travel - small infections turn into larger ones. Also, I have minimal contact with small chewing animals.

The toenails I can manage. More or less. Only because I'm most comfortable in skirts and with skirts or cropped pants, summertime around here, sandals are obligatory. To wear closed-toed shoes with them looks really weird. Too bad.

But the way you feel about painted toenails is how I feel about mascara - nice enough on others, but silly on me; so I avoid any makeup that doesn't come off by itself or with a bit o' hot water at day's end.

When I went to do some speaking in the South last week I brought foundation, eyelash curler, and hair spray with me, planning to make some extra effort. But they stayed in the suitcase.

You used to wear a lot of jewelry... not anymore? Why not?

Yesterday I was feeling pretty plain; blue jeans, blue pullover sweater, ivory-colored shirt underneath. At last minute, pulled on a scarf that made the whole outfit pop without any effort or discomfort on my part. Nice.

Megan Noel said...

i do not know why i don't wear jewelry much.

right now it is so cold inside i am wearing my outdoor accessories -- a scarf mom wove and hand knit wristwarmers. actually i guess i don't need accessories today, i am also wearing a vest i knitted. so i am somewhat embellished. maybe i just don't like dressing up for work because i like to keep behind the scenes and i don't go many other places.