Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pen and Ink Drawings

I mentioned in my last post that I try to work on art every day, even if only for an hour. I did some pencil sketches but I've also done some pen & ink sketches, of which these are a few.

I use mostly Pitt pens in size XS and S with some accents in size B, and a few touches with white gel pens. As you may have seen from a post earlier this week, I liked the pig walker enough that I later did a small watercolor that was similar. Click on any of these images for a closer view.


Liz E said...

Wow, I could totally see you making a fabulous coloring book!

Megan Noel said...

Liz- funny you should say that. I actually did do a coloring folio:
It's in my Etsy Shop and I am thinking of doing another one or a coloring book. I actually thought it was easier to color something that was not bound...