Thursday, July 25, 2013

Once Upon a Time

I recently was in search of some like minded artists and i was having a hard time finding any... i really just wanted to find some interesting, hopefully somewhat laid back people to sit around and draw with. It took me a while, and eventually I found some folks who were pretty into comic art and gaming art and stuff like that. But they were also very open to other kinds of sketching, so I was welcome too.  This did, however, lead to my getting interested in working on my own comic art, too. I had done a bit of this in the past, in zines, and in my art journals, but it had been a while!  I am working on some things now that I may show you later - in fact, will probably release as a zine - but here is something you can enjoy now! Click to view larger.

Pens: Pitt artists pens, in black (size S), and two shades of gray (size B)
Paper: Stathmore Bristol

Megan Noel

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