Sunday, October 30, 2011


IMG_1792 by megan_n_smith_99
IMG_1792, a photo by megan_n_smith_99 on Flickr.

this is dangermouse. he was my cat for a while, and then he went to live with some friends of mine. they took this photo. i actually stole dangermouse from someone who threw him off a 2nd story balcony. when i got him he was completely flea infested and had worms. i took him to the vet and we got him all fixed up. unfortunately he just drove me crazy in my small condo, jumping on my head at 4 AM. also he could open all the doors and cupboard doors. so he went to live with friends until i found him another home but they got attached to him and wanted to keep him, so he stayed.

he was a very large cat - 18 pounds and simply huge. he had an enormous amount of character. anyhow! there is a point to this. this is my favorite picture of dangermouse. his family was carving pumpkins and here is dangermouse trying to help. i can just see his little brain whirring, "how can i pick up this pumpkin carving knife? i know, leverage!"

dangermouse died a couple years ago and is missed.

happy halloween eve to you dangermouse, where ever you are.

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Ruth Rocchio said...

Thank you for rescuing this wonderful feline. I recently adopted an all white cat that a gal was giving away since she could not take him where she was moving too. He is the most wonderful studio companion, not at all feisty, but very sedate. You are a good soul. And I do love reading your blog and looking at your work. It always inspires me. hugs from NC!