Tuesday, December 1, 2009

beaded angels

beaded angels
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i have been making beaded angels the last few days. the one in the middle is probably my favorite so far. the face is from earthenwood studio. the madonna pendant is a little treasure someone gave me one, from a little jar of treasures. i had no idea how i would use it at the time but things have a way of working out, sometimes. the face on the left is from rama, a company which sadly is no more.


Claudia said...

I really do wish you could take some time and do an online class on how to make some of your beaded beauties. I would definitely pay to take a class from you.

Everytime I see you post something new that you've made, I'm jumping up and down over here all excited because you truly, TRULY are my favorite artist in the whole world!!!!!


beadbabe49 said...


Megan Noel said...

thanks, Claudia! i am honored. Maybe sometime in the future i will teach online..